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— crafting dreamy brands and bespoke websites for the wild hearted.

a branding studio for the dreamers + heartfelt romantics.


At Eleventh Studio,
my heart lies in transforming brand experiences into deeply personal stories.

— a soulful connection between you and your audience. With a blend of romance and intentionality at the core of my designs, I'm devoted to crafting spaces that speak to the soul. For dreamers, for romantics, for you, I'm here to bring your most heartfelt visions to life through bespoke, heartfelt designs.

Let's embark on this creative journey together, making every connection with your audience an intimate discovery.



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Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Dreamy Logo Suite
Type Suite
Colour Palette
Brand Style Guide 
Document Guide
-- {Welcome guide, Shoot Guide + etc}
30 Days Post Launch Support

Whats included:

Combining our love for aesthetics with a strategic mindset, our Brand Identity package is designed to be your brand's foundational cornerstone—a visual representation of your story and connection with your audience.

With a delicate & calming, end-to-end process, I'm dedicated to crafting timeless brands that not only elevate your business but also resonate deeply with your audience. It's about infusing romance, timelessness, and exceptionalism into every aspect of your brand's journey.

When you choose to collaborate with me, you'll experience a sense of comfort, knowing that your brand will be presented in a deliberate and strategic manner, attracting the very audience you're meant to reach. Let's embark on this journey together and create something truly remarkable.

£2,100 > $2,699

-- TimeLine: 3 Weeks

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Website Strategy
Creative Direction
5 Page Website (built in Showit)
30 Days Post Launch Support

Whats included:

For web design, it's about creating an online home that echoes the essence of your brand and resonates with your audience on a deeper level. Our website service goes beyond aesthetics; they're a narrative, a digital love letter to your dream clients.

I'm committed to weaving your brand's story into every corner of your online space, ensuring that your digital presence is an extension of your passion. From the first click to the last scroll, my approach is designed to not only to connect but also guide your audience through an immersive and intentional journey.

Let's build an online space that not only showcases your brand but invites your audience to be a part of your captivating story. Together, we'll create a online experience that connects and calls to your dream clients.

£2,670 > $3,400

-- Timeline: 4-5 weeks

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Dreamy Logo Suite,
Typography collection
Colour palette,
5 semi-custom page Website (built in Showit),
Form integration,
Instagram Menu

Whats included:

We'll embark on a whirlwind journey to craft a soulful masterpiece that's as unique as you are. From personalised design elements to seamless functionality, every aspect of your website will be carefully curated to ensure it resonates with you and your dream clients

—our Website in a Week package is all about efficiency without sacrificing quality. Each design decision is made with intentionality, ensuring your website not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

£1,800 > $2,290

-- Timeline: 7 Days

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Creative direction + mood board,
dreamy logo suite (4 variation),
a colour palette
brand guidelines.
Plus social media launch (mockups) graphics to showcase your new rebrand.

Whats included:

Embark on a condensed yet enchanting journey with Eleventh Studio's Brand Minis—an intimate package designed to breathe life into your brand essence.

We're not just redefining your brand; we're crafting a visual love story that captivates, resonates, and lingers in the hearts of those who encounter it. Elevate your brand's allure with Eleventh Studio's Brand Minis—a symphony of creativity tailored just for you. Here's what this enchanting experience includes:

£1,111 > $1,600

-- Timeline: 5 Days

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Website In a Week

Brand Mini

"Since my new website launched i've have so many new clients reach out to me. It's rare for me to find someone i can connect with and honestly create a strong bond with. Chloe is now not only a great friend but my go-to designer! She always understands understands my vision perfectly"

“Chloe was amazing to work with! She is so kind, patient, and good at her craft. She sent me brand strategy, mood boards, and different options for colors and logos. I am blown away by my new website she designed, and it has increased my number of bookings! She was so helpful and I am so happy I worked with her!!

- love letters / TAYLOR COACHING

- love letters / abby taylor photography

The Creative Session is more than a strategy meeting; it’s a sanctuary for creative renewal and inspiration.

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